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Experienced cruisers know that multi-day, last-minute cruises can often be had for the same price as one or two nights in a hotel. Unlike many types of vacations, cruise prices actually go down right before the departure date. Last-minute cruises offer one of the most affordable ways to take a spontaneous vacation, especially since trips offer so many included amenities, including meals, lodging and entertainment.

A Last-Minute Cruise Is a Total Vacation Package

Disney, for example, allows parents to relax while the kids are entertained, and Alaska allows you to enjoy some of the world's most popular scenery without paying overseas airfare. Norwegian is one of the cruise operators that has "formal dining" nights, for those who love to dress up, and Princess is well-known for both food and hospitality.

If you are new to cruising, check out the Top 10 Reasons to Cruise. You'll find that many people search for last minute cruise discounts and special deals simply because they know that taking a cruise is easy, and offers real relaxation. Each cruise offers a ready-made vacation that needs very little advance planning. offers an exhaustive list of last-minute cruise deals, from casual options like Disney and Carnival to the shipboard elegance of Windstar and Royal Caribbean to up-close exploration of the fjords of Alaska.