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Bargain cruises to the Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe and elsewhere offer exactly same experience as high-priced cruises. In fact, itÆs more than just the same experience--itÆs the same boat, same food, same entertainment, same everything. However, you have to know where and when to look to find bargain prices to top destinations such as the South of France, St. Maarten, Cabo San Lucas and other exotic vacation spots.

Certain cruise-only wholesalers allow you to take advantage of bargain cruise prices on everything from four-day hops through the Bahamas to special transatlantic jaunts on some of the worldÆs most well-appointed ships. Cruise specials allow you to take advantage of the fact that cruise lines work very hard just before setting sail to offer their available staterooms to people wanting a spontaneous vacation.

Cruises Are Both Glamorous and Affordable

One of the main appeals of a cruise, whether transatlantic or local, is the level of pampering offered to every passenger on board, regardless of the size or cost of their stateroom. Maid service, exquisite dining rooms (most ships offer both casual and formal dining options) and near-constant entertainment offerings are the norm on many cruise ships. Bargain cruises are simply luxury cruises offered at bargain prices. YouÆll get the same cruise that your on-board friends had to pay two or three times as much to enjoy.

If youÆve always wanted to cruise to the Bahamas or farther afield, but think itÆs out of your budget, read these cruising FAQs. Or explore the bargain prices and destinations listed at