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Cruise vacations to Alaska, Mexico and elsewhere offer a lot of bang for the buck, and are becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase the power of the dollar. With a cruise vacation, whether around the world or simply for a weekend excursion along the Baja California coast, all of your lodging and meals are paid for before you even leave shore. It's one way to control vacation costs, especially if you can find special offers and discounted prices.

A vacation is meant to be a chance to "get away from it all." Yet, visiting a foreign country or even a domestic city can be nerve wracking for those who choose to find their own hotels and transportation and who opt to create their own itineraries. Self-catering vacations can be enjoyable, but lack the "constant concierge" service of a cruise. A cruise vacation, whether to Alaska or around the world allows you to focus on your own comfort as well as the pleasures of your ports of call.

Cruise for the Weekend or Around the World

Most cruise lines offer trips of varying lengths. You can find short excursions to Mexico and Alaska, longer trips across the Pacific to the Hawaiian islands, and even lengthy cruises visiting destinations around the world. If you are used to paying full-price for cruises, finding special offers can allow you to enjoy longer excursions, and to visit destinations farther afield.

Among the reasons to cruise are the opportunity to make new acquaintances and enjoying the romance and ease of sea travel. A top cruise discounter such as will make it easy to find a select a cruise and will also alert you to additional discounts available to seniors and military.