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Mexico cruises can offer surprisingly exciting and affordable getaways. Mexico is an exotic destination often overlooked by world travelers simply because it is so close to home. However, the food, the music, the language and the crafts of this Central American nation offer an experience as vibrant and different as any destination in the world. Princess, Royal Caribbean and other top-rated cruise lines offer thousands of Mexico cruise options each year, from three-day quick trips to long, multi-week getaways.

The coastal communities of Mexico all have unique personalities, and Mexico cruises make the most of these famous port cities. Ixtapa was once a coconut grove, and now boasts gorgeous beaches, golf courses and wildlife reserves. Acapulco is famous for its cliff divers, nightlife and seafood. Puerto Vallarta is a favorite tourist spot for its beaches, dolphins, local festivals and botanical gardens.

Mexico Cruises Offer the Exotic, Close to Home

There are one-week Mexico trips on Princess and other lines leaving from Los Angeles and heading down to Cabo San Lucas by way of Puerto Vallarta, and even shorter, four-day trips that explore Ensenada and Santa Catalina. Travelers opting for longer Mexico jaunts can choose an 11-day excursion that makes its way to Zihuatanejo, Acapulco and other ports along the coast.

A good discounter, such as will allow you to browse Mexico excursions by the length of the trip, departure month and the cruise line. YouÆll be able to access a list of Mexico cruises at the touch of a button.