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Why African Cruises Are Becoming More Popular




Mention Africa, and many people may speak of hot desert lands, dense rainforests, and pyramids.  A great number of people may even reveal that they would like to travel to Africa; however, they aren’t sure that the continent is safe.  This is where cruises to Africa can help.

People feel much more comfortable and safe about traveling to Africa aboard a cruise ship than they would journeying to the continent in any other manner.  This is the main reason why cruises to Africa have become much more prevalent. 

There are other reasons why African cruises are gaining popularity, though.  Taking a cruise to Africa can be cheaper than using a different mode of travel.  That isn’t to say that African cruises are inexpensive; quite the opposite, actually.  However, when compared to the cost of a traditional vacation that would include airfare and lodging along with land travel between all of the ports of call, the price of an African cruise begins to look much more affordable.

This is because most African cruises are a great deal longer than other cruises.  Cruises to Africa typically last for 16 to 24 days—or more.  Some can last for much longer.  Therefore, if a person were to instead pay for lodgings and transportation for that amount of time, that person would most certainly spend a great deal more than if he had paid for a cruise.

In addition, because of the rivers and canals throughout Africa, cruises to Africa offer travelers access to many ports of call.  People are able to see an incredible amount of the continent during an African cruise, whereas during a different mode of travel, a person would be more restricted to seeing only the attractions of one area.  Of course, a person could pay for land and/or air travel accommodations; however, this would likely be limited.

Many cruises to Africa take passengers to some of the most well-known destinations in Africa.  Travelers can cruise down the Nile River, view the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids, shop at traditional African bazaars, and interact with villagers.  Cape Town is a port of call for many cruise lines, and many ships travel around the Cape of Good Hope.  Also, there are some African cruises that are called cruise-tours, in which travelers get to enjoy both an amazing cruise experience as well as an African safari—where they can see all herds of elephants, giraffes, lions, and much more in game reserve parks.

It is easy to see, then, why cruising to Africa is quickly becoming such a well-liked vacation choice for many travelers.  African cruises have steadily in popularity over the last several years.  In fact, nearly every cruise line that provides cruises to Africa has needed to increase the number of ships that they have cruising to Africa because of the escalated customer demand.  Some cruise lines have even developed new itineraries to different areas of Africa to entice customers away from competitors.  In all, African cruising has become quite widespread among travelers these days.


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